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A Community for Black Goths
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This is a community for African Americans/Blacks who are goth or interested in gothic subculture. Black goths are often outsiders among outsiders so to speak when it comes to mingling in various gothic circles/crowds/scenes.

Discussions can be about anything: your experiences, recommended clubs/shops/places to visit off/online, music, style/fashion, culture, sex, gender, race, politics, media, etc.

This is also a place to make new friends and to meet others for clubbing, especially in Los Angeles.

Simple Rules:

-No Flaming
-No Spamming (use common sense about this)
-No Disrespect and Trollish Behavior Towards Fellow Members

.Adhere to the Golden Rule
.Make Friends
.Enjoy Yourself
.Be Expressive, Creative & Supportive
.Use LJ Cut for very long entries or Large Pictures/Media Files

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